Saturday, 24 June 2017

THE DESCENT OF LORD by Latha Ramanan


24 June 2017


Childhood ensured to live in yearning of my Lord,
Youth reaffirmed that I was born for Him,
Later years showed the path to Him,
Recollecting merging in Him is the soul's sole purpose.

Somewhere along the rugged, unbeaten road of life,
I lost the confidence to ascend towards Him,
When the last hope of meeting Him died,
I cut off my golden wings of flight.

Pain of separation from the Lord exceeded,
The deliberate act of chopping off wings of freedom,
I replaced on the wounds boulders of duty
And sensors to see Him in all.

Blood oozed from the unhealed wounds every now and then,
When my Lord's memory enlivened in the heart,
Blood oozed from wings,  then from the heart and eyes,
Till the dripping blood formed trails wherever I went.

I took an oath not to search for Him anymore,
Each moment has been spent in Him, now it was His turn to find me.
Wingless and blocking my path to Him with rocks of altruism, I remained.
He would have to follow the bloodied imprints I left.

The Lord had to descent, He couldn't resisit the pull,
How could He ignore the austerities of His beloved?
How can he be indifferent to a soul waiting to merge in Him?
How can He turn a blind eye to the river of blood that flowed from the sacrificial life?

Have faith my friend, when you know your soul's purpose,
Each experience in your life leads you to your destination,
Your life is worth living, you have a right to be in your space,
Everything around you are blessings and guidance in disguise.

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