Sunday, 18 June 2017


*Even Buddha Cries Sometimes* By Latha Ramanan
Listening to the woes of thousands,
Buddha stood still in the stone statue,
Absorbing and annihilating their sorrows,
Raising the masses to a higher plane each moment.

Amongst the crowd Buddha searched
For a soul that is away from the drama called life,
Not carried away in the world,
Living in the world but not of the world.

Often found a glimpse of such souls
In a desireless little girl who offers a flower
To Him with a smile from the heart,
In a content monkey, cow or dog that visits Him.

He discerned the same light as in Him
In the ever-giving effulgent Sun,
Benevolent full moon, undaunting waves and soothening breeze,
Where is such unruffled beings in human form?

Buddha sometimes loses tranquillity over the drama-driven human lives,
Who are inept to resonate His truthfulness,
fearlessness and compassion,
He cries sometimes perceiving human forms'
Inability to reverberate His universal healing love.

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