Saturday, 8 July 2017

TWIN FLAMES By Latha Ramanan

Twin Flames by Latha Ramanan

                                                                                                            (Photo courtesy 123rf)

Ancient souls we are,  lived many births yet we searched for each other,
To merge again into that oneness,  of two bodies with one soul.
We meet again at the end of the cycle of birth and death,
This time a bit wiser, loaded with maturity acquired from past births.

One deep look into the eyes we saw the familiarity of being twin flames,
Leading parallel lives elsewhere,  two bodies with same soul, bound by the divine invisible threads.
One touch of the fingers, brought the images of lives we crossed paths,
One deep breath gave the whiff of known body odour,
We whispered sweet nothings, naturally, in the first meeting itself,
Images of lives together surfaced in the mind,
Some well lived, some thrashed in the waves  of egos and worldly matters,
Forgetful of the source of origin and our soul connection.

Now that we met and found the soul connection,
Shall we live together till we shed the body?
Shall we live apart as before, cherishing the love till the last breath?
Letting go of the urge to build a nest,
Resisting the folly of slipping into vicious cycle in drama of  life?
Shall we break-away from artificial social duties and identities we think we have?
Shall we dig Earth, cut trees, spoil ground water in the name of building our home ?
Shall we produce more offsprings to the already over-populated world ?
Shall we explore each other's body in search of  peripheral  physical love? 

This time let us be wise,  avoiding the mistakes we made in many births?
Shall we, for a change, protect each other from 'falling' in love ?
Let us rise in the love rather than fall,  saving each other from pain and sacrifice of sincere love ?
Let us leave each other to one's  peace and freedom.

All said and done I want to be quite now,
My eyes are foggy, vision is blurred, tears are over-flowing,
They have by now smudge the words I wrote,
Although with heavy heart I let you go,
I am content that I saw myself in you and can wish you well where ever you live,
I have chopped half of me and offered to you as parting gift,
Let me gather myself in silence learning to live with what is left in me,
Ready to breathe my last, having seen my twin flame in the end of this birth cycle.

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