Friday, 31 August 2012

Rawa Laddu/ Semolina balls(Sweet) Recipe

Rawa Laddu/ Semolina balls(Sweet) 
Rawa Laddu/ Semolina balls(Sweet) Recipe

1.Roasted Rawa(Semolina) - 200 gms
2.Sugar(reduce the quantity if you are not sugar toothed) - 200 gms 
3.Raisins -  30 gms
4.Chopped Cashewnuts - 30 gms
5.Ghee/Oil- 2 table spoons
6.Milk/Milk substitute - 2 table spoons
7.Cardamom - 10 nos.

Step 1.Make a fine powder of cardamom and sugar in a mixie, then add roasted rawa(semolina) to that mixture and coarse grind it.

Step 2. In a frying pan heat ghee/oil, fry the cashewnuts to golden colour;add and fry raisins until they are plump. Keep them aside.

 Step 3. In the same pan add the ground cardamom,sugar and rawa(semolina) mixture and milk/milk substitute to the leftover ghee/oil, keep stirring. Keep it on low flame till the mixture has blended well and is dry. Add the roasted cashewnuts and raisins to this mixture.

Step 4. Make the mixture into small balls when it is warm. (*Dip your hands into cool milk before rolling the mixture into balls to avoid burning of palm or fingers.)

Rawa Laddu/Semolina balls are ready to serve! It has less shelf value as it contains milk so finish them quickly or make only a small quantity as mentioned above.