Monday, 25 June 2012


Art work by Geoglyphicks


I felt within me the rising of the divine Ma
To meet with her lover, Sivaaya.
I called upon Siva to remove the Maya(illusions)
To root me in truth with his Daya(mercy).
Talked to Him how my japa(mantra chanting) and tapah(austerities)
Seemed so inferior in the presence of the unreal lokah(world).

I called upon Shakti Devi to cool the heat of Rudra(Siva)
Whose energy fountains out through my sahasrara chakra(head chakra).
The Devi who calms the Lord in angry form
Rise up to balance His energy for me to transform.

I am both Siva & Shakti
The union of both that gives mukthi(liberation).
In me dwells both Siva & Sivaai(Shakti)
As reality dwells within the Heart of the I.
A great bow to the universal light, which is also within
that guided me to Shiva-Shakti- the sacred home within.

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